This story serves as the final project to MEJO 121: Intro to Digital Story Telling. It exhibits a culmination of the semester’s efforts which includes a micro-documentary that I produced using a Sony A6000, an iPhone, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

What are friendships?

Friendships can turn into amazing and fulfilling relationships, but sometimes they can be the exact opposite. In high school, navigating the web of friendships can be even more difficult. Jillian Kuehn, a rising Sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill, recalls a difficult friendship from high school in my micro-documentary:

Jillian Kuehn was able to discover her true passion despite having a friend that brought her down. By overcoming her toxic relationship and following her passion, she found more success and happiness. In fact, after publishing her short story, she renewed her high school’s newsletter. Jillian made a conscious¬†effort to bring together strong females to create the writing crew and even inspired her principle with one of her pieces. Undoubtedly, I think this is a great testament to how far you can go when you are surrounded by the right people.¬†