Uprooted: Multimedia Project

“Uprooted” is the result of a semester-long multimedia class where I worked alongside talented classmates to report on the Venezuelan migration crisis. It was a pleasure to work alongside fellow designers to produce a cohesive brand, produce infographics, and even project manage the translated-side of the site. This project required us to travel to MedellĂ­n, Colombia, pushing my emotional and professional experiences to new heights. See the completed multimedia project HERE.

Internal Resource: Style Guide

After the design team, which I was a part of, created the brand guides, I created the printed guide the whole class could reference throughout the project.


A part of my role was to create well-researched infographics. To do this, I worked together with a student in Colombia, my story team, and my instructor to create thoughtful infographics that enhanced the reporter’s story, providing an informed context. I used Adobe XD, which a dev student used to animate the infographic on the site, and Flourish. The infographics can be found HERE or below.